Health Security, Curbing Cancer- a global menace

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Ever heard the expression , ‘closing the stable when the horse is already out?’ It was one that was favored by an extremely wise woman who meant so much to my personal  life, from the  tender  age of eight weeks , until I was  sixteen years. She was my Grandmother , and the woman I affectionately came to call mom , until her untimely ,and extremely painful  death , from what I came to know decades later , was due to  Cervical  Cancer . It is very unfortunate when you grew up in a society that did not treat health as a priority, especially when it comes to women.

After all, I am speaking of a country that at the time, had only 15 years under its belt as an independent nation. I personally administered to her every need , as she suffered in severe pain, but  no medical attention was sort, or delivered by friend ,family ,foe , or the non-existent  authorities.

Today that country  , has a vibrant economy , produces billions of natural resources from underground , and is perhaps one of the region  largest exporters to the United States. Tell me something, who do you believe when it comes to dangerous chemicals , and it’s implications for the  environment and humans? Is it governments, global organizations controlled by the powerful , with hidden agendas, unconcerned elitist , middle class , domestic or international Civil Society ,civic leaders , many solely interested in self-aggrandizement whether monetary , or global awards.

As one modern leader said , that’s above my pay grade.Nevertheless , let me add that the situation is terrible , and getting worst.  As late as 2007 world-wide figures for this deadly disease of Cancer stood at 12 million, which roughly translates to 20,000 per day. One can however safely say that this is a very conservative figure , as data gathering on a global level can as well  be expected to be  problematic.

Surprisingly enough , modernity did not produce the success in health , as expected. The media distortion remain, corruption still exist , and global exploitations of governments, conglomerates, and agents of NGO’s with hidden agendas continue to be the norm . This malady affects  all global citizens , with few even being aware as to what is at play.  Our global environment remains in danger , due to great measure to the actions of  powerful profiteers . What is also ignored in the name  of you get it, profits, is that we as humans being are capable of preventing  cancer.Instead you hear of highly touted drugs to heal and cure cancer. Daily awareness sporting events to raise awareness ,after the fact , and a  growing billion dollar industry where the interest of victims are side-stepped.

Ironically,   some ” 80  to 90 % of all cancers it is alleged , can be attributed to environmental factors.” What is necessary , therefore is critical, preventative  actions now, yes?

What about nuclear technology and it’s possible links to   cancer?

We know about Chernobyl , but what about the effects  dumping of radio-active waste materials in our oceans, and waters especially in the poor, desperate  regions, sometimes without their knowledge , but often without?

Drafting treaties are fine,  but how practical  are they to enforce?

But no I have no nuclear plants in my back yards , and live in a pristine section of the global environment , many might  say. Also , who has the monopoly on the truth?

Take for example the Caribbean and Central America, throughout the region ,.. “the devastating health crisis is exacerbated — if not directly caused — by international capital’s “recycling” of toxic wastes. (Indeed, Haitian women who have emigrated to the U.S. have been found to have double or triple the cervical cancer rates as women born in the U.S.)”

This situation forced Ehrl LaFontant of the Haiti Communications Project to say , “Instead of repatriating Haitian refugees to Haiti, the U.S. government should repatriate this toxic waste back to its own country.”

“Toxic waste dumping in Haiti was, after all, a lucrative source of income for the Duvalier dictatorship.”

Therein lies the dilemma between the developed world and developing, and often the agents that are used as the conduits, can be most surprising ,as was the case with Haiti and America.

It is simply important that folks become engage into recognizing that a skeptical approach must be developed to deal with many of the matters that afflicts the global community. Nothing is more critical as Health Security. Where do you stand on this, I ask  ? I know where I am . Remember , ‘the personal is political , ‘and ‘;an ounce of  prevention is better than a  pound of cure.’ These wise assertions , would be echoed, and endorsed  by  my Grandmother  if she was still alive. Working on ensuring that her sacrifices were not in vain.


Nuclear power Gene

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Due in most part to the unrelenting   work of Dr. Helen Caldicott and others of the anti Nuclear movement , I am almost certain that by now millions across the globe have developed a greater understanding   of the negative impact of this foolish nuclear obsessions by many countries – either as a form of energy , or in their quest to develop weapons of mass destruction , so as to perhaps produce another devastating , though unacknowledged  Hiroshima , and Nagasaki genocide.

The question therefore is why after all the harmful fall outs and close shaves  , aren’t folks in the global community not more outraged , and or concerned to the point where they  are prepared to tell their respective leaders , “no mas ,but  stop  the procrastinations,  and please leaders give us jobs, respectable infrastructure, education for our kids, concrete security measures,efficient health care  systems ,    and other prudent services that a geared  towards us, as a people , country , and well-ordered , safe planet ?”

America has millions , yet still cannot find  a  6 feet plus  Muslim thug in an Afghan bat cave , even after two highly wasteful , unnecessary  wars. Europeans and Russians are laden with them , still many are cowering in fear , though unprepared to use it against each other.Some say deterrence at work, others , American citizens  tax dollars.

North Korea, Iraq,and  Libya  have wasted millions of resources in their quest to acquire it , and have paid  a dear price ,some more than others . Israel posses it,though pretending  to herself  not to ,  yet feels less safe, and more impotent  against determined regional Islamic enemies without similar American tax dollars heavily  subsidized , firepower than  on the day of Independence.

Neocolonial ,elitist South  Asian competing tribes in both India, and Pakistan  are unconcerned that more than perhaps 90 % of their citizens might be living in squalor and neglect ,under the poverty line , so long as they can spend billions in the acquisition of their nuclear toys, and feel as if somehow they are relevant ,respected , civilize   players ,in the  modern developed world nuclear power game .

As for China? Talk about a disaster waiting to happen , re this   unregulated, pseudo democratic , post socialist wannabe, Human Rights abusing  country !

It’s insecure  leaders are not even mindful of the harm they are causing across the world , as they strive to become the next global hegemonic  leader, and  Nuclear Super power.

So Al Gore , and Jimmy Carter remains silent on their own country’s actions in endangering millions at home and abroad due to nuclear proclivity , since getting their respective  Nobel Peace prize  trophies.Dr Helen might get one too as the Norwegians run out of politically correct causes to honor , and the poor desperate Indians from Brazil would still be blamed for global warming , due the fact that they burn a few log woods from the Amazon for survival.

In the mean time non state actors , and insignificant countries – laden with natural resources that can foster nuclear technology ,  such as Niger – are portrayed as the problem , and threat to global peace .

Where do you stand in demanding a final elimination of all nuclear weapons and curbing of nuclear energy obsessions, or is it too late to put that power gene back into the bottle?

Nuclear Disaster meltdown , and the quest for energy.

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Folks are outraged at the recent BP oil spill disaster off the Gulf of Mexico in Florida, but the consequences of a nuclear disaster could be quite mammoth , with wider , and far reaching consequences.

Are we concerned enough?

The sting of Death &the Victory of the Grave

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Each year, about 31,000 Americans commit suicide, making it the eighth leading cause of death in the United States. Once thought to be primarily a white male problem, suicide is increasingly dramatically in the Black community. Whether Black, Caucasian, or any other racial or ethnic group, the number one risk factor for suicide is being male.
Suicide is now the third-leading cause of death for African-American males ages 15 through 24, and a rate increase of 233 % for boys between the ages of 10 and 14. Black teenagers in this country are killing themselves at a rate of 5 per day. Sixty-five percent of them are using firearms to do it.

One theorist states that ,“the most common element involved in suicide seems to be the persons perception that life is so painful that only death can provide relief.” There is the first the often ignored phenomenon of suicides by cops for most young black males , who chooses to confront law enforcement officers in fatalistic shootouts , even though fully aware of the dire consequences of confronting a more organized , and determined , force.
This is followed by the increasing accounts of equally ignored , very educated males of a high social class, taking their lives at prestigious Ivey League schools across the country, in Universities such as Yale, Cornell, and NYU .
Some are jumping and others are also using weapons. What is of more concern to you , the fact that guns are playing a major part, elites are giving up, police inability to address the problem by using different approaches to fighting crimes, or that , an increasing number of young black are joining their privileged whites counterparts and succumbing to despair , and fatalism by by resorting to suicides , in unarguably the greatest , and most prosperous country in the world ?

The Politics of Revenge and Hatred

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Two news stories caught my attention this week , and in part explains why I did not turn on my TV for an entire month , and by choice avoid all other mediums of the corrupted and bias global conglomerate media empires. It can be depressing indeed, and often borders on state or corporate manipulation , that if Karl Marx was alive today and faced with the choice of categorizing organize religion, or the mass media as ‘the opiate of the people,’ religion would have obtained a distant second I am certain.
News of Britain’s possible complicity in the early release of Al-Megrahi a former Libyan terror convict due to a wink , wink deal between both countries threatens to shake the sensibilities of a few outraged families of Pan Am Flight 103 plane bombing of 259 victims for a while .
Nothing new here some skeptics would say, as this just confirmed what many including myself suspected when Libya initially decided to come clean by acknowledging their complicit role in the affair, as well as it’s seemingly erratic leader deciding to halt his quest to being the second Islamic nation beside Pakistan to defy the UN and most of the wishes of international community and try to acquire nuclear technology towards building an atomic bomb.
The other story was the first time interview and apology by former convict William Calley for his role in the My Lai Vietnam massacre that resulted in the murder of 22 innocent people in 1968.
Back then Calley claimed like Hitler’s Nazi disciples to be following orders. I am certain that if pressed , this Libyan terrorist with a few months to live due to ill health would also admit that he was doing the same as he basked in the inexplicable glory of a heroes welcome to Tripoli. The irony here also is that Calley was sentenced to life , but paroled by the army to live a life of peace in the South .Just think Tom Ridge finally admitting after the fact that his Homeland Security terror alert were a hoax to aid his Commander in Chief and Christian MBA President George W. Bush. Tell us something we did not know in real time Ridge – like when you are not trying to promote a book.,0,3317204.story
There are those that still want to believe that the former President was a failure , as a result of the economic woes of the country , and it’s links to the Iraq and Afghan global war on terror, but that’s because many still do not appreciate how like their British counterparts and cousins , Americans are able to benefit from war and evil . Need we say Black water?

Do you think that lessons can be learnt by the Obama Administration as they too continue to stage the two prong wars on citizens of both unfortunate , overwhelmed countries ? The politics of deception , revenge, and hatred can be very deep and costly indeed. We know by now why those we label as evil commit them , do we however have the courage to figure out why seemingly good folks do the same?

The Leadership 4 a Day Movement

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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead

With all the talk about organizational inefficiency, governmental mismanagement , failed states, and good /bad governance , I proposed to introduce a new Organization myself. As from today onward, I encourage all my fellow human beings that care to join me and make their contributions for the betterment of mankind. It will be called ‘The Leader 4 a Day Movement.’ The concept is extremely simple, and even a child , a simple minded illiterate peon , or perhaps the lowest cast degenerate, will have a place in my movement and have a voice. Let us each pretend that we are individually a leader in charge of any organizational body with authority to deal effectively with any issue we feel passionate about , but ordinarily could not do anything . You now do have the chance to work your magic. In this movement, no organization is sacred and beyond reach, No issue is untouchable , and there are no barriers when it comes to country, region, race, ethnicity, gender , orientation, or globally considered taboo subject. If you can think about it , and it pisses you off , away with the senseless rants and bitching that no one cares about perhaps outside of your cuddly loving grand mom , frustrated spouses, or endearing sufferable teenage kids dying for the keys to your cars so as to run out and binge drink with friends . Get on the Leader for a Day Movement Express and let your voices be heard. I am sending word to the editors of traditional corporate media , publishing giants agents, or old schooled narrow interest 4th Estate global entities , there is a new sheriff in town , and his name is Professor Nuvoalfa, President and CEO of the “Leader for a Day Movement.” He will from henceforth be the conduit through which the masses voices can be heard, and most importantly , no censorship would be allowed, as again all voices are welcome.

Whenever one is conjuring up the idea for creating something , or even formulating an idea for a research paper study , there is one fundamental question that must be addressed . It is commonly referred to as the “ so what ?” principle question. Professor Novella , one may enquire ,what is the true purpose of creating this new organization that you propose to join the hundred million and one that currently exist across the globe by perhaps folks more learned , and with better intentions? To me the answer is obvious , but fully understand why not to you , so I’ll explain via expansion and lucid examples. Let’s begin at the pinnacle of the quest for global peace, security ,and economic prosperity for all as advocated by the United Nations . You be the judge and answer the question as to if 60 years since it was created, it has fully carried through ,and or lived up to these and similar ideals as promised . You are now all given a chance to be the Secretary General and leader of that globally accepted ,noble Organization, so as to take a stab at any perceived problem , and therefore tackle it head on ,as you deem fit. Think of the possibilities for peace in the absence of wars. Global injustice , economic malfeasance , and environmental degradation can soon be a thing of the past, all because of one person – you.

After all, the organization was created in the wake of that fateful day on August 1945 during WW11 that saw two atomic bombs strike Nagasaki , and Hiroshima, and destroyed over 200, 000 lives , most of both Japanese cities, and the entire will of the Japanese people to fight, but not the rest of the world ever since. Conservative estimates would show that some 22 million lives were lost in 291 conflicts and counting, and the quest for destructive nuclear technology is today even stronger than ever, as can be firmly attested to by the likes of Iran , North Korea, and most likely many more of the remaining 193 NPT compliant member states. ( Neal Noray Thesis Http// NON-PROLIFERATION TREATY Compliance and the National Interest)

Pretend if you may that you are the President or Prime Minister of any country , state, or regional body on earth with powers to make decisions of domestic and global importance , what would you do if you are entrusted with leadership power for a day? Take your pick from Iran, North Korea, Russia, Sudan, Israel, China , Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Cuba, Honduras, Columbia, Egypt, Sri Lanka , Burma ,Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan , India ,Chechnya, United States , Nigeria ,and the list goes on.

You can be the ‘beacon of light’ to eventually end the frustrating global refugee humanitarian problems, ensure economic prosperity in a country through well managed and proper stewardship of natural and human resources.

Time to end genocide, ethnic cleansing, terrorism, drug cartels, greedy activities of selfish uncaring business conglomerates in poor desperate nations. Can we somehow make ‘post conflict reconstruction’ be more than a useless catch phrase by bored diplomats? You now posses the power to make a difference , as you can let your voices be heard . Gang banging , out of control teen age pregnancy , high school drop by unmotivated kids in congested , neglected Urban sectors ,where overpaid often uncaring insensitive officials functions ? We are looking at you friends ,and is ready for action. To corporate bodies , solely interested in the bottom line, then choose to wash their collective hands symbolically like Pontius pilot the Roman criminal , the old government and powers may have your back homeboy, but a new leader is on the horizon and they would ruthlessly flush you out like rats in an ancient cave , so watch out dear friend.

There it is , please join me in the new ,authentic, people’s revolutionary movement.
I am standing by .
Professor Nuvoalfa, President / CEO of ‘The Leader 4 a Day Movement.’

Out of Evil comes Good

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“If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.”
1 Corinthians 13:1

For my globally sophisticated fellow national that are generally on point with regard to pressing eye catching, and social cutting edge issues , I am sure that many can have a sense of affinity with the West African state of Ghana, as it is about to welcome the first Afro American US president to it’s soil , in much the same way that our own country Trinidad and Tobago did some three months ago.
We fully recognize why Ghana got this honor and not , the East African homeland of his father Obama Snr. ,or the celebrities hideout South Africa, and even corrupt Muslim stronghold Nigeria , or any of the fledging democratic pretenders / good governance advocates that are repeatedly jostling for attention- and by extension financial handouts by this new administration . Is the subtle message to desperate , yet mismanaged African states by this new President they wonder , good governance , efforts aimed at democracy , and tolerance can be rewarded wheresoever it exist on the continent .
Many fellow nationals I am certain were beginning to get a bit wary at the actions of the President of the Moral Leader of the free world with his “change” theme , and “open fist” mantra ,that were forced fed to the gullible nation during his much touted campaigns . We saw Middle East and Afghanistan peace envoys rolled out , Michelle Obama butt slapping interchange with octogenarian European monarchs ,and dress up duels with former glamour models , and now other eye candy global First ladies , but no love for Africa outside of slap down for skinny insignificant upstart Somali pirate thugs .
Today, millions in the developing world along with my country , breath a sigh of relief to see the smiling President and his family create history as they touch down in Accra on the last leg of his G8 summit. They are ecstatic as they heard about the 15 billion dollar package agreement formulated by 19 partners of the richest nations on earth , which are geared to enhancing agriculture ,providing food security , and so hopefully alleviate some of the hunger and poverty that plagued the world unabated for decades.
Speaking of Kenya , I like thousand across the globe especially in my own country shares a common link with the President that I’ll like to publicly acclaim. It has to do the abandonment by useless fathers of their children. We both spend about the same amount of time with our fathers , which were almost no time whatsoever , because they were both too busy fathering numerous other kids .
This void , and sense of abandonment remained throughout our lives and most likely helped to shape our own attitudes towards kids . I can say with some conviction that I was a credible , caring ,and hopefully loving father .This I know can be corroborated from folks that knew me where ever I lived over the past two decades .I would hope that in the end my kids would share that view.
The President I believed helped develop closure in his case on his absentee father’s life , and perhaps exorcised his own demons some years ago when he eventually published a Best Selling memoir entitled ‘Dreams of My Father.’ Both fathers died very young in tragic fashions ,and with shattered dreams we later came to know. His father , at the age of 46 in an accident , and mine- I was told one month ago-at age 53 in a mental institution of my country , at the hands of several barbaric, overzealous ,security guards that beat him mercilessly to death during one of his numerous out of control maniacal psychotic rages.
The challenge therefore for me is to decide now on how I move forward in efforts to create my closure. Is it by first getting to the truth as told to me quite recently by a sister, or address the common problems of misunderstood mental illness , and neglectful fathers where past missteps and in-actions have produced devastating social impact on our societies, globally?
Perhaps out of evil can come some good, one would like to think. The question is do I have the will to do something , and am I doing it for me or others and does it matter , what’s my motivations? We’ll see, as even Dr. Phil might agree that this is the first cathartic step .