Health Security, Curbing Cancer- a global menace

Ever heard the expression , ‘closing the stable when the horse is already out?’ It was one that was favored by an extremely wise woman who meant so much to my personal  life, from the  tender  age of eight weeks , until I was  sixteen years. She was my Grandmother , and the woman I affectionately came to call mom , until her untimely ,and extremely painful  death , from what I came to know decades later , was due to  Cervical  Cancer . It is very unfortunate when you grew up in a society that did not treat health as a priority, especially when it comes to women.

After all, I am speaking of a country that at the time, had only 15 years under its belt as an independent nation. I personally administered to her every need , as she suffered in severe pain, but  no medical attention was sort, or delivered by friend ,family ,foe , or the non-existent  authorities.

Today that country  , has a vibrant economy , produces billions of natural resources from underground , and is perhaps one of the region  largest exporters to the United States. Tell me something, who do you believe when it comes to dangerous chemicals , and it’s implications for the  environment and humans? Is it governments, global organizations controlled by the powerful , with hidden agendas, unconcerned elitist , middle class , domestic or international Civil Society ,civic leaders , many solely interested in self-aggrandizement whether monetary , or global awards.

As one modern leader said , that’s above my pay grade.Nevertheless , let me add that the situation is terrible , and getting worst.  As late as 2007 world-wide figures for this deadly disease of Cancer stood at 12 million, which roughly translates to 20,000 per day. One can however safely say that this is a very conservative figure , as data gathering on a global level can as well  be expected to be  problematic.

Surprisingly enough , modernity did not produce the success in health , as expected. The media distortion remain, corruption still exist , and global exploitations of governments, conglomerates, and agents of NGO’s with hidden agendas continue to be the norm . This malady affects  all global citizens , with few even being aware as to what is at play.  Our global environment remains in danger , due to great measure to the actions of  powerful profiteers . What is also ignored in the name  of you get it, profits, is that we as humans being are capable of preventing  cancer.Instead you hear of highly touted drugs to heal and cure cancer. Daily awareness sporting events to raise awareness ,after the fact , and a  growing billion dollar industry where the interest of victims are side-stepped.

Ironically,   some ” 80  to 90 % of all cancers it is alleged , can be attributed to environmental factors.” What is necessary , therefore is critical, preventative  actions now, yes?

What about nuclear technology and it’s possible links to   cancer?

We know about Chernobyl , but what about the effects  dumping of radio-active waste materials in our oceans, and waters especially in the poor, desperate  regions, sometimes without their knowledge , but often without?

Drafting treaties are fine,  but how practical  are they to enforce?

But no I have no nuclear plants in my back yards , and live in a pristine section of the global environment , many might  say. Also , who has the monopoly on the truth?

Take for example the Caribbean and Central America, throughout the region ,.. “the devastating health crisis is exacerbated — if not directly caused — by international capital’s “recycling” of toxic wastes. (Indeed, Haitian women who have emigrated to the U.S. have been found to have double or triple the cervical cancer rates as women born in the U.S.)”

This situation forced Ehrl LaFontant of the Haiti Communications Project to say , “Instead of repatriating Haitian refugees to Haiti, the U.S. government should repatriate this toxic waste back to its own country.”

“Toxic waste dumping in Haiti was, after all, a lucrative source of income for the Duvalier dictatorship.”

Therein lies the dilemma between the developed world and developing, and often the agents that are used as the conduits, can be most surprising ,as was the case with Haiti and America.

It is simply important that folks become engage into recognizing that a skeptical approach must be developed to deal with many of the matters that afflicts the global community. Nothing is more critical as Health Security. Where do you stand on this, I ask  ? I know where I am . Remember , ‘the personal is political , ‘and ‘;an ounce of  prevention is better than a  pound of cure.’ These wise assertions , would be echoed, and endorsed  by  my Grandmother  if she was still alive. Working on ensuring that her sacrifices were not in vain.


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